59 Trading Place

Flea Market and RV Park

We are getting a Makeover
It's going to be great!

Wi-Fi- WE are in a rural area and this created a challenge.  But, Wi-Fi is finally up and running.  We will still be installing a few more antenas around the park for your convinience.

We are very excited to share some news with you. As you may have noticed, there is a lot of constructing taking place here at 59 Trading Place. We have a ways to go with the improvements. We apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank you for your patience.  The following is an estimated timeline we have been given by the contractors:

Pavilion - Work on the pavilion will begin on Monday, September 12. We hope to have it finished before the holiday season begins. This project will bring 59 Trading Place more visibility from the highway and will bring more foot traffic.   It is our intention to do everything possible for our vendors and RVr’s to have an excellent experience while here.

Road connecting both Flea Markets with RV Park- We have begun the clearing for the road that will connect our flea market and RV park with the Shell gas station and other People’s Village Flea Market.  This project will greatly benefit our vendors and will facilitate more customers.  

Septic Upgrades and Repairs-New pumps, new septic systems and many repairs have been done to the past two months.  Use caution when driving or warking around areas where the ground has been disturbed in order to do these repairs.

RV Concrete pads-We have installed concrete pads on 7 premium RV Spots by the pond.  They are ready to go and we are looking forward to feed back from future customers.   

Laundry mat- It is our intention to build a laundry mat on the property.  This project is a priority to us since it will be a huge advantage to our RVr’s and bring local clientele we would otherwise not reach.

New Parking Lot – The parking lot is open for use. Plans to lay the asphalt have been delayed since the ground needs to settle some more before it can be done. Please be advised that vendors and customers are required to park in the new parking lot.  We realize this is a great inconvenience for many of our elderly vendors.  Vendors and handicap parking is around the main three buildings of the flea market.